Put all focus on the essence


Digital Design
Art Direction
Content Creation

One of the first minimalist high-end fashion e-commerce experiences. A website that has been designed down to the last detail and in which all the attention is focused on the photographed clothing. A pure, timeless and norm-setting design.

Minimalism is not a style. Minimalism is the result of a concentrated design process in which, step by step, all attention is focused on the essentials. The art of radical choice and omission.


The models are photographed in contraposto. A posture derived from classical sculpture in which the man stands on one leg and seems to walk away with the other leg. The body makes a slight twisting movement. As a result, the models seem to escape from the page and the clothing is clearly visible.

This project was designed and executed on behalf of Mirabeau, a Cognizant Digital Business. The intellectual property of the concept and design rests with these organizations. Creative Direction: Henk Haaima - Art Direction: Eelco van Collenburg - Customer Experience Strategy: Christel Boon - Visual Design: Guido Leurs, Patrick Hessels