The strategic function of design

Just Eat - Takeaway

Brand Identity
Digital Design
Art Direction

The ambition of Just Eat Takeaway, known in the Netherlands as Thuisbezorgd, is already clear in its early history: to become the best food-ordering site worldwide. We had the privilege of being at the cradle of the success of this originally Dutch brand.

To match its ambition, Takeaway wanted an identity that can be applied anywhere. From the app icon to the clothes of the delivery people and the pizza boxes. The logo consists of a slightly inflated house, representing a full belly, with cutlery. This visual icon has become world famous and is literally visible everywhere.

Designing a logo consists of two phases. Thinking up and sketching out the visual metaphor. And then, just as important, the detailed drawing and styling of the logo so that it becomes robust and can be used in different contexts and in different formats.

The logo has now been successfully rolled out worldwide. Brands are emerging and changing in the digital domain today. A redesign of a website or app quickly leads to a rebranding. Digital agencies are spreading their wings. It is no longer about the website or the app, but about the digital presence of the brand.

This project was designed and executed on behalf of Mirabeau, a Cognizant Digital Business. The intellectual property of the concept and design rests with these organizations. Creative Direction: Henk Haaima - Art Direction: Eelco van Collenburg - Visual Design: Ewout van Lambalgen, Rodrigo Maselli