Every bit should have a bite


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Art Direction

Mirabeau is one of the leading digital agencies in the Netherlands. With the internationalization, the opening of offices in Paris and Guangzhou, there is a need for a professionalization of external communication. Craftsmanship, thought leadership and a high level of ambition are guiding concepts.

We design all content down to the last detail. Where necessary, we work together with specialists such as photographers and copywriters. For the photography of our cases, we made ‘documentaries’ of the users of our applications, in this case of the maintenance employees in the hangars of KLM at Schiphol Airport.

Timeless, elegant and pure are the hallmarks of the Mirabeau corporate identity. It is precisely in a fast-changing world and an accelerating digital industry that we opt for a serene and clear style. We do this out of respect for the users of the digital services designed by us.

In addition to visual communication, we have also captured the positioning and ambition of Mirabeau in language. 'Take a look closer at what you can't see' refers to a deep understanding of customer, industry and consumer behavior. This curiosity precedes any good design.

In addition to the utilitarian dimension, in architecture and fashion it is also about style and taste. People need beauty. We see it as our mission to introduce and bring the exclusivity of luxury brands such as Bulthaup and Dior to life in the digital domain.

For the brand photography of Mirabeau we worked together with the young talented photographer Jurian Kriebel.

The photographs of imaginary design teams, in schematic environments that represent the main industries of travel, e-commerce and b2b, have an artificial and staged character. This is enhanced by the set that is painted in gray tones. Hectic agency life is, as it were, frozen in still images.

This project was designed and executed on behalf of Mirabeau, a Cognizant Digital Business. The intellectual property of the concept and design rests with these organizations. Creative Direction: Henk Haaima - Art Direction: Eelco van Collenburg - Customer Experience Strategy: Emar Vegt - Visual Design: Ewout van Lambalgen, Ivan Mašić, Tim Mastik - Copy: Toni Bellanca - Photography: Jurian Kriebel